Paris Calling

This was commissioned by Conde Nast Traveller magazine for a feature on where to find the best spas in the city. It will appear in the December issue. A good friend of mine has just moved to Paris, so I hope that if she ever feels in need of an up-market pamper, she can find her way to a suitable venue using this map!

More Cooking...

This appears in today's Guardian (the Family section) for the weekly family recipe slot. This week the recipe was for Guyanese metagee.

Conde Nast Traveller Magazine

This is an illustration for Conde Nast Traveller about a cooking course which is taught in an Edwin Lutyens remodelled castle outside Dublin. It appears in November's issue.

Pocket Daring Books

A couple of days ago I got a package through the post containing the new Dangerous Book for Boys and Daring Books for Girls pocket titles which I have illustrated, published by Harper Collins. I'm not really known for this type of illustration (diagramatic, cross hatching, old fashioned style) but I love doing it all the same.

Talking of Context...

Here's a piece of work which I actually did 3 years ago but which has been used every year since between Spring and the end of Autumn by Brighton and Hove City Council to show where dogs are allowed on Brighton beach. Thanks to Harry Sham for the photos! (

Project Gallery

Hello! And welcome to my blog. Here you will find projects I am working on as they happen. I might sometimes show work in progress and will also show the finished illustration as it appears in context. I hope you enjoy it!